About FRP Products

FRP Products


  1. What is FRP product?

Basically, FRP material consists of thermosetting resins and fiberglass. The combination of resin and glass fibers, makes the main ingredient of FRP products. The resin brings the environmental and chemical resistance to the product and is the binder for the glass fiber in the structural laminate. Based on the chemical and environmental circumstances (given by the customer or user), a resin type is selected. In general, Plasticon Composites constructs an FRP product with three laminates:

  • Corrosion barrier: chemical resistance and temperature resistance
  • Structural laminate: temperature resistance
  • Topcoat: environmental and temperature resistance

Each type of laminate has its specific function, therefore for each laminate a different type of resin could be selected for making a product. In general, Plasticon Composites works with three types of resin (polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy).

Furthermore, we have different types of glass to be selected, based again: on the application and processes the final product will be used for (different types of veils). With regard to composing these ingredients and choosing the right resins, best winding techniques and glass fiber components in order to guarantee the quality and the benefits of the materials, selecting the right manufacturer is highly important.

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